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Automate and accelerate your claims processing with Zyantus.

Our service, EClaims OS is designed to assist with a wide array of needs, ultimately leading to a higher efficiency, less stress, and more revenue for your practice. Zyantus provides an easy-to-use system with all of the functions you need, along with continuous, rapid response from our support staff. Zyantus is a reliable partner for your chiropractic, medical, dental, or orthodontic office. Eliminate the unnecessary responsibilities, have Zyantus work for you.

EClaims OS

zyantus-icons-eclaimsEClaims OS offers electronic insurance claims processing services,as well as additional features.Lean More

Why do you need Zyantus?

zyantus-buttoniconZyantus has been assembled to work for you. Every component is programmed for speed and simplicity. You are guaranteed to have a user friendly experience. The program is easy to operate and, if assistance is needed, we are ready to resolve any problems you have. You won’t find a better solution for processing claims. In terms of affordability, service, and overall user experience, Zyantus is unmatched.